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Heady Opal Pendant - Brass Wire Wrap Necklace - Deadhead Jewelry

Heady Opal Pendant - Brass Wire Wrap Necklace - Deadhead Jewelry

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This stunning brass pendant is a harmonious fusion of celestial elements, meticulously handcrafted to captivate the senses. Each gemstone and metal coil intertwines, creating a symphony of colors and energies.

At its heart lies a large, uncut opal—a gem that dances with iridescence. Its milky translucence reveals flashes of azure, fiery red, and ethereal greens. The opal symbolizes intuition, transformation, and cosmic connection.

Two star garnets orbit the opal like celestial companions. These rare gems exhibit a mesmerizing asterism—a star-like pattern that emerges when light kisses their surface. Their deep burgundy hue evokes the mysteries of the night sky.

Twin amethysts, faceted to perfection, flank the garnets. Their regal purple hues evoke tranquility and spiritual insight. Amethysts are known as the stones of protection and enlightenment, inviting clarity and inner peace.

Encircling this cosmic ensemble is a lapis lazuli carved figure. The deep blue of lapis represents the vastness of the universe—the midnight canvas upon which stars twinkle. The intricate carving depicts celestial motifs: crescent moons, constellations, and cosmic waves.

The pendant’s brass frame, meticulously hand-woven, cradles these gemstones like cosmic orbits. The wirework forms delicate spirals and loops, reminiscent of celestial pathways. Each twist and turn symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things.

Wear this pendant as a talisman—a bridge between earthly existence and cosmic wonder. Let its energies resonate with your spirit, guiding you toward celestial harmony.


"A figure stands at the threshold, peering through the ether. Are they friend? Foe? These concepts in their primitive nature are unrecognized by what stares back through the apse."

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